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Timers for heating are handy if you have a predictable schedule. Get up at 7am, leave the house an hour later and return home at 6pm every day.

Smart Heating Controls allow you to remotely control your heating through a smartphone app or by texting a number with various commands.

If your heating is zoned, you can control upstairs and downstairs separately, and you will also be able to control your hot water if you have it set-up to do so. It requires professional installation, unless you are familiar with the workings of thermostats.

Wireless thermostat comprising a hub that plugs into your home internet router, a receiver that allows everything to communicate and an app you can use to control the whole set-up. The wireless thermostat can be placed anywhere around the home, so there is no busting through walls.

Nest is a bit smarter than the rest. It not only takes into account the temperature inside your home, it also measures the outside temperature. That means it can make an educated guess about how long it will take to heat up your house, and schedule your heating accordingly. It also learns from your schedule, so after a few days, you don’t even have to tell the heating to switch on at a certain time. It will also detect if there is no movement in the house and switch the heating to eco mode, so it isn’t wasting energy.

It will also look after the hot water controls for you, a nod to the Irish obsession with the immersion.

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